My Mini Mama

I have been blessed with two amazing boys who are turning 6 and 4-what? Where do the days and years go?  I get to create all sorts of things like super capes, wallets, pajama pants and backpacks for them. They are 100% boy, non-stop go-go-go, in love with anything that makes loud noises or has an engine (think trucks, trains, planes etc). I love any chance I get to make something for them.

 However, all my friends have girls and there is just something fun about created little pretty things for them. Maybe because I don't have the frilly girly things in my own house, it makes it extra fun for me to create the Mini Mama's for everyone else's girls. They seem to love their little purses as they so want to be like mom!

Order one for the little girl in your life. Have it match your own bag or give her something uniquely her own!