So many clutches so little time...what is a girl to do?  It's good we have a clutch for every occasion and purpose!

COCO Clutch with detachable strap

The LARGE clutch can carry a checkbook/wallet and some personal items for a girls night out. Or store a few diapers and wipes with your debit card and cash when running into the store. The Large Coco can also fit diapers, wipes AND a changing pad! It also fits  a Kindle size tablet!

Large measures
10" wide at top
6" tall
12" wide at the bottom
10" round wrist strap that can be detached

Also available in a MEDIUM perfect for carrying makeup, medicine, personal items and more
Coco Clutch with Accent
Coco Clutch Large
Coco Clutch Medium

Travel in style with this bag designed to carry make-up, travel size lotion/shampoos.  This case can also carry diapers, wipes AND a changing pad! 

Measures approximately
12" at top
10" at bottom
9" tall
2" deep
10" round wrist strap

Travel bag with Accent

Travel Bag next to Wipee Dipee


This clutch can carry a large checkbook/wallet along with some personal items for that night out with the girls. Use it for makeup, travel or even to store a couple diapers and a wipes case.

Measures approximately
11" at top
10" at bottom
6.5" tall
1.5" deep
10" round wrist strap

Large Clutch with Accent Band
Large Clutch with Ruffle

Wipee Dipee set with Changin Pad and Key FOB

PENCIL Case/Medium Clutch
Originally designed to fit pencils and pens, this medium clutch is so versatile. Use it for makeup, coupons, bandaids, wallet, keep your checkbook handy with your phone and other necessities.

Measures aproximately:
9" wide
4.5" tall

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This little purse easily fits our bigger than ever cell phones! Designed to fit an iPhone or Droid style phone with cover. Perfect for times when you just need your phone, debit card and some cash!  Or use it to keep your phone protected and handy at all times. Comes with snap hook so you can secure it inside your purse, to a backpack, belt loop etc!

Measures approximately 3.5" x 6"

Cell Phone Purse

Cell Phone Purse with Accent

COIN Purse
This little lovely is perfect for carrying around the essential cash and coins. It will fit a debit/cc card and ID for those times you just don't want to carry the entire purse!  It's a great accessory for every bag! Includes a snap hook to attach to your bag or keychain!

Measures approximately 3.5" x 5"
Cell Phone Purse

cell phone purse

Cell Phone Purse and Keychain Fob