Scrappy Lanyard

Keep your keys or work id in a handy place, around your neck or simply find it in your bag of tricks.

Scrap fabric to be cut into 3" wide strips of various lengths
Snap bolt hardware and/or split key ring (checkout the purse hardware at your fabric store)
Time: about 1/2 hour-1 hour
Seam Allowance: 1/2"
1. Start by measuring the length you want your lanyard to be. I like mine to be 36-42" round so it lands about mid-torso. For this we will make a 38" round (19" long) lanyard
2. Cut scrap fabric to 3" wide x 6" long x 8 pieces
3. Stitch fabric pieces together at the short end so you will end up with one long strip 3" wide by approximately 40" long. Press open seams.
4. Fold wrong sides together working on the long sides. Iron. Fold again in half, iron. You should now have a 3/4" x 40" strip.
5. Top-stitch both edges of the strip approximately 1/4" from edge.
6. Slip snap bolt onto the strip. Taking care that the strip is not twisted, match up the raw ends then stitch and back-stitch 1/2" from the raw edges.
7. Place the snap bolt next to the loop closure stitch you just made. With the snap facing out (away from the loop), stitch and backstitch as close to the snap as possible and through both layers of the loop.
8. A split key ring can be used instead of or with the snap hook.
Tip: To lesson the bulky-ness of the lanyard you may consider lengthening your fabric pieces and stitching them together using this diagonal joining method.
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